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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscrotumscro‧tum /ˈskrəʊtəm $ ˈskroʊ-/ noun (plural scrota /-tə/ or scrotums) [countable]  HBHHBAthe bag of skin that contains a man’s testicles
Examples from the Corpus
scrotumOnly the torn skin from his scrotum remained.The only consequence was a throbbing pain in my scrotum that persisted well into the spring.In this way you can hook the oedematous scrotum and winch it up with the anaesthetised patient prone.These people tend to be more severely affected by it, especially on the skin around their mouth, eyes or scrotum.The old ones had to be worn on the scrotum, a decided drawback if a female were thinking about wearing one.Half of the cyclists complained that their scrotum felt tender.