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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshinshin1 /ʃɪn/ noun [countable]  HBHthe front part of your leg between your knee and your foot
Examples from the Corpus
shinThen a shin guard is pulled over the whole thing.Her ankles and shins were scratched and bloodied, her stockings shredded by the trackside weeds and nettles.A shower of pebbles fell short of her shin.It snapped back on its hinges and banged his left shin.When the man refused orders to halt and fled on foot, he was shot in the left shin, officers said.Tucker spiked Renteria on the left shin.Sharp little incisors showed when he smiled, matching, in dainty repulsiveness, his naked shins.Newcastle ace Dyer aggravated a long-standing shin problem in Saturday's 1-0 home defeat to Manchester City.