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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsideside1 /saɪd/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [countable]  1 part of an areaPART one of the two areas that are on the left or the right of an imaginary line, or on the left or the right of a border, wall, river etcside of The south side of town is pretty run down.on the ... side a scar on the right side of his face Fuel is cheaper on the French side of the border.to one/the side She tilted her head to one side, pretending to consider the question. A man stood watching me from the other side of the road. His friends and family were all on the other side of the world. The restaurant was empty apart from another couple on the far side of the room (=the area that is furthest away from you).the right-hand/left-hand side (=the right side or the left side) In Sri Lanka they drive on the left-hand side of the road.2 NEXT TOnext to [usually singular] a position directly next to someone or something, on the right or the lefton this/one side (of somebody/something) Stand on this side of me so Dad can get a photo.at somebody’s side/at the side of something A little girl was skipping along at her side. There was a card tacked to the wall at the side of the photograph.on either side (of something) Two large screens stood on either side of the stage (=one on the left and one on the right side of it).to somebody’s side Maggie hurried to his side.3 of a building/object/vehicle etcSURFACE a surface of something that is not its front, back, top, or bottomside of He led the way round to the side of the building. the side of her glass Someone ran into the side of my car.high-sided/straight-sided etc high-sided vehicles a straight-sided dish4 edgeSIDE the part of an object or area that is furthest from the middle, at or near the edgeside of Jack sat down heavily on the side of the bed. She pulled into the side of the road and stopped the car. fireside, lakeside, riverside, roadside, seaside1see thesaurus at edge5 of a thin objectSURFACE one of the two surfaces of a thin flat objectside of Write on only one side of the paper. I’ll paint the other side of the fence tomorrow. There’s a scratch on one side of the record.6 part of your bodyHBAHBHSIDE the part of your body from the top of your arm to the top of your leg He had a scar running right the way down his side. Betty was lying on her side on the bed. 7 shapeSURFACE one of the flat surfaces or edges of a shape A cube has six sides.three-sided/four-sided etc a seven-sided coin8 mountain/valleySIDE one of the sloping areas of a hill, mountain etcside of Their house was on the side of the valley.hillside/mountainside sheep grazing on the steep hillsidesteep-sided/sheer-sided etc a steep-sided valley9 page British EnglishSES a page of writing on one side of a piece of paper How many sides have we got to write?10 side by side11 from side to side12 subject/situationPART one part or feature of something, especially when compared with another parttechnical/financial/social etc side She takes care of the financial side of the business.serious/funny/negative/positive etc side Can’t you see the funny side of all this? Environmental pollution gives great cause for concern, but, on the positive side, people are beginning to try and find solutions. Look on the bright side (=see the good side of a situation) – at least you learned something from the experience. It’s a children’s book about fairies and magic, but it does have a dark side.13 argument/warSUPPORT A PERSON, GROUP, OR PLAN one of the people, groups, or countries opposing each other in a quarrel, war etc He fought on the Republican side in the Spanish Civil War. a peace deal that is acceptable to both sides During the war, he changed sides several times.be on somebody’s side (=support them) Well, at least someone’s on my side.whose side are you on? spoken (=used when someone is arguing against you when they should be supporting you) He always likes to be on the winning side. 14 opinion one person’s opinion or attitude in an argument or disagreement syn point of view Try and see my side of things for a change! Well, I can see both sides. They both have a point.somebody’s side of the story (=one person’s opinion of what happened in a situation, especially someone who has been accused of doing something wrong) We haven’t heard Mike’s side of the story yet.15 take sides16 sport British English a sports team They’re a good side, but I think we’re a better one.17 part of somebody’s character [usually singular]CHARACTER/PERSONALITY one part of someone’s character, especially when compared with another partside of It was a side of Shari that I hadn’t seen before. There was a side to him that worried her, that seemed cold and cruel.somebody’s softer/feminine/emotional etc side These days men are not all afraid to show their softer side.18 of a familyFAMILY a part of a family My father’s side of the family are short, but my mother’s side are tall.19 somebody’s side of a deal/bargain20 on the side21 food American English a small amount of food that you order in a restaurant in addition to your main mealside of a hamburger with a side of fries 22 on/from all sides23 put/leave/set something to one side24 be at somebody’s side/stay by somebody’s side/not leave somebody’s side25 take/draw somebody to one side26 have something on your side/something is on your side27 get on the wrong side of somebody28 keep on the right side of somebody29 on the right/wrong side of 30/40 etc30 on the small/high/heavy etc side31 this side of Christmas/midnight etc32 the best/biggest etc ... this side of something33 on the wrong/right side of the law34 be on the side of the angels35 let the side down36 criticize/nag/hassle somebody up one side and down the other37 a side of beef/bacon etc38 tv station [usually singular] British English spokenTCB a television station syn channel What’s on the other side? double-sided, one-sided, → to be on the safe side at safe1(8), → err on the side of caution at err(1), → flip side, → split your sides at split1(10), → the other side of the coin at coin1(3), → two sides of the same coin at coin1(4)COLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: one of the two areas that are on the left or the right of an imaginary line, or on the left or the right of a border, wall, river etcadjectivesone sideA path leads down one side of the garden to a paved area.the other/opposite sideOn the other side of the river are some low hills.either side (=both sides)There were tall hedges on either side of the lawn.the far side (=the other side, quite a long way away)Nicolo was standing on the far side of the room.the left/right sideHe received a deep cut on the right side of his face.the left-hand/right-hand sideOn the left-hand side list the skills and qualifications required for the job.the east/west etc sideThe shop was on the west side of Culver Street. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 12: one part or feature of something, especially when compared with another partadjectivesthe business/financial sideGeller handles the business side of things.the technical sideGregory works on the technical side, liaising with the sound and lighting people.the social sideThe social side of the group is very important.the funny/serious sideLuckily, when I explained the situation, he saw the funny side of it.the positive/negative sideOn the positive side, the authors have assembled a wealth of useful material.the bright side (=the good things about a situation)It was her nature to look on the bright side.the dark side (=bad things relating to something)The book is an examination of the dark side of genius.somebody’s creative/caring/feminine etc sideThe art program is meant to bring out children’s creative side.
Examples from the Corpus
sideBut behind this tough exterior lies a side of Marley that's rarely seen.It was a side of Shari I hadn't seen before.The pressures on him, from all sides, were as tremendous as the stakes.Dancers came on from both sides of the stage.After his arrest people realized that there had always been a darker side to his nature.Dawn revealed that the rough seas had once again snapped the hogging trusses which sagged pitifully on each side of the raft.He thought the name singularly inappropriate: either side was lined with a wall of Victorian terrace villas.In Japan they drive on the left-hand side of the road.One of its sides was covered with intricate patterns.Dick selected an armchair to the left side of the desk.The left side of his heart had not grown properly in the womb.Mike always puts his feet on my side of the bed.A small river cuts through the property with the house on one side and the gardens on the other.From the other side of the wall came the sounds of children playing.Instructions on how to get there are on the other side.I'll paint the other side of the fence after lunch.Our side only needed one more goal to win.I'd like to move away from the theory now, to concentrate on the practical side of engineering.Canning was a very traditional Englishman but he had a surprisingly romantic side to him as well.Watch for steep drop-offs on the south side of the road; erosion has taken its toll.After a while, she grew tired and sat down by the side of the road.A truck ran into the side of the car, killing the driver and two passengers.She was an actress, and her husband was going to college-on the side.Just put your things over there on the side.Look at the beautiful decorations on this side of the coin.OK, let's have all the girls on this side and all the boys on that side.I don't know which side I want to win.on the ... sideOn the other side of the coin, most soldiers be-lieved there was no such thing as too much firepower.To be on the safe side, always ask your doctor's advice before making a final decision.The younger woman broke tiny mirrors on the side of a tin for her embroidery.It is elevated about 15 feet and is covered, but open on the sides.Repeat on the other side, then repeat again on both sides.What you see on the left-hand side of the centre line, you knit on the left-hand side of the machine.These include the work on the side altars, the four Evangelists in niches in the nave and the confessionals.on this/one side (of somebody/something)Anne was part of it now, with Derek Douane on one side, and Jeane Russell on the other.He imagined the moment and fear overwhelmed him - Carla on one side of the door, Susan on the other.Michael Ramsey was therefore the grandson of a Congregationalist minister on one side and of an Anglican vicar on the other.Others list slightly because the owners have built heavy stairs, kitchens and bathrooms all on one side.The condescension on one side has been met by a fervent reaction on the other.Then put the thrillers on one side, and after a week see what you can remember of any of them.They were cooked on one side for 15 minutes and then flipped and cooked another 15 minutes.Typically, a sprained ankle involves ligaments on one side of the foot.three-sided/four-sided etcIn front of the church is a four-sided courtyard, porticoed in red brick on three sides and with the façade on the fourth.Opening the car door, the boy took my hand to lead me towards one side of a three-sided, bungalow-styled villa.technical/financial/social etc sideOften problems have a personal side, a customer side, a financial side, and a quality side.The club have a flourishing social side and everyone is welcome.Midland's expertise in looking after the financial side of your family's welfare.In future economic efficiency was likely to assume as much importance as the technical side.To produce such an all embracing package would obviously be a task of considerable magnitude from the technical side alone.Of equal importance, the social side was satisfactory.More often than not it is lively on the social side, but spiritually dead.The financial side was something of a problem to Winnie, who had not the faintest idea what should be charged.changed sidesSo many families had changed sides, and she was not imprisoned, nor even a slave.Of course that didn't alter the fact that de Tracy had changed sides.He changed sides nine times in his reign.And he is one of the few who have never changed sides.Men now changed sides under the pressures of shifts in the political situation and inducements.see both sidesYou can not work them single-handed since you can not see both sides of the hedge at the same time.My dilemma was that, seeing both sides to everything, I belonged to neither.She was not a woman who would see both sides of a question, or want to analyse a given situation.There was a side toNutty dare not discuss it with her. There was a side to Biddy which they were all nervous of.