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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsinussi‧nus /ˈsaɪnəs/ noun [countable]  HBHyour sinuses are the spaces in the bones of your head that are connected to the inside of your nose blocked sinuses a sinus infection
Examples from the Corpus
sinusCarotid sinus hypersensitivity may result in either an intermittent drop in blood pressure or bradycardia, or both.Carotid sinus massage should be done with great care in patients for whom this diagnosis is suspected.A history of purulent nasal discharge may be obtained in headaches resulting from sinus disease.Frontal sinus present: present in Proconsul, Afropithecus and Dryopithecus, and so it is almost certainly an ancestral hominoid character.This improved both his sinus problem and his general health.Baker suggests three possible reasons why human sinus bones should be naturally magnetic.His electrocardiogram showed sinus rhythm with widespread ST-T wave abnormalities.Some may be due to cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, a known complication of oral contraceptives.