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sneezesneeze2 noun [countable]  HBHthe act or sound of sneezing There was a loud sneeze from someone in the back of the audience.
Examples from the Corpus
sneezeA few seconds later it was followed by a sneeze.The monotonous sound of the train was an invitation to float, the engine emitting smooth, continuous snorts and sneezes.This, when every sneeze sends your boat into a furious wobble, is difficult.The atheist suppressed his sneeze, for fear of being blessed by the priest.The laughter abruptly changed into sneezes and the handkerchief routine was gone through again.To dread the slightest sneeze or cough that might herald the onset of polio or tuberculosis.Renwick had his handkerchief out and stopped a sudden sneeze, his face hidden as the man's lighter flicked.