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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsnub-nosedˌsnub-ˈnosed adjective  1 HBHhaving a snub nose2 snub-nosed pistol/revolver etc
Examples from the Corpus
snub-nosedTunney had his Richie Quick snub-nosed automatic out.The drill itself is a different shape to most models, having a long slender handle and snub-nosed body.Two snub-nosed bristle-headed boys were looking over my shoulder in bright-eyed interest.When he took off his dented helmet he proved to have bristly fair hair above a snub-nosed face.All bore a distinct snub-nosed family resemblance to one another.He was a snub-nosed little fellow in a grubby shirt, with an infectious smile.The snub-nosed revolver looked like a toy in Ray Shepherd's hand.The other two Zimbalan bodyguards immediately drew their snub-nosed Smith & Wesson.38s and sprinted after the fleeing gunman.