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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspottyspot‧ty /ˈspɒti $ ˈspɑːti/ adjective  1 British English informalMIHBH someone who is spotty has small raised red marks on their skin, especially on their face a tall, thin, spotty youth a spotty face2 American EnglishBAD good only in some parts, but not in other parts syn patchy British English
Examples from the Corpus
spottyEven their kisses might give him a disease from which he would die or become horribly spotty.Kelly said that because reporting by the 17 cities had been voluntary since 1993, cooperation had been spotty.Waved back by a Kalashnikov-wielding, spotty boy-soldier, I was subject to a ten-minute harangue by two bad-tempered border guards.spotty bus serviceClear a spotty complexion with this easy homemade mask.a spotty performanceBut sketch shows have a spotty prime-time record of late.The content is pretty spotty so far.What makes cognac the international high-flyer, and armagnac the spotty, stay-at-home plodder?