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tantan2 noun  1 [countable]HBH the attractive brown colour that someone with pale skin gets after they have been in the sun syn suntan I wish I could get a tan like that.2 [uncountable] a light yellowish-brown colour
Examples from the Corpus
tanFact: A tan indicates that your skin has already been damaged.Her skin had that smooth all-the-year-round dark tan you sometimes run into in California.Come holidays abroad it became the thing to sport a deep tan.You can afford to have your teeth done, a false tan, your hair done at Vidal Sassoon.The best and longest-lasting tans are acquired slowly - quick tans are usually fast burns and peel off in a trice.Monica got a nice tan during her trip.Sources close to the team said tans will be banned next season.get ... tanSince sunscreens offer relative, not absolute protection, most of us can get a tan using high-protection filters.He has got a tan from his Christmas holiday.At least she won't get a tan there.I had started to see the countries we visited as more than just exotic places to get a tan.They say as long as you get a tan, that's ok.