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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtannedtanned /tænd/ adjective  HBHhaving a darker skin colour because you have been in the sun He had a tough tanned face and clear eyes.
Examples from the Corpus
tannedVivid blue eyes glittered in his tanned face.Guido continued to watch her, toying with the salt cellar, his long tanned fingers very dark against the white cloth.And with his tanned skin, snake tattoo on his left arm and fit physique he certainly looks the part.Their womenfolk were dressed in tanned skins with beads woven into their hair.Boot leathers are usually chrome tanned then impregnated with a mixture of paraffin wax and paraffin oil.It wells up her perfectly tanned throat and finally she starts to shake, honey blonde hair cascading over slim shoulders.Rachel stared fixedly at his tanned throat where the white shirt was unbuttoned.He peeled off his T-shirt, revealing a chunky tanned torso that reeked of Lifebuoy soap.