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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtendonten‧don /ˈtendən/ noun [countable]  HBAHBHa thick strong string-like part of your body that connects a muscle to a bone
Examples from the Corpus
tendonHis jaw is held together with a tendon from his leg.A bad tendon strain in Aldaniti's off-foreleg had to be fired, and he was on the sidelines for eighteen months.The missing two-thirds of its energy must have come from elastic tension stored in its huge tendons, tail and lower back.The patterns reflect what is going on in the horse's foot, and especially in its tendons.Rips of the quadriceps tendon are a fact of life among professional athletes who stress the tendon during jumping and running.Diana fell badly on the ski slopes, tearing all the tendons in her left ankle.The tendon typically tears or detaches at the point where it connects to the kneecap.