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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthoraxtho‧rax /ˈθɔːræks/ noun (plural thoraxes or thoraces /-rəsiːz/) [countable]  1 technicalHBHHBA the part of your body between your neck and diaphragm (=area just above your stomach)2 HBIthe part of an insect’s body between its head and its abdomenthoracic /θɔːˈræsɪk/ adjective
Examples from the Corpus
thoraxThey were beautiful creatures with red legs, black head and thorax, and black white-ringed antennae.The other bones were more or less in a confused mass below the thorax.The Ventral Nerve-Cord consists of a series of ganglia lying on the floor of the thorax and abdomen.In female flowers, the flies are wedged in tightly, the thorax pollen being rubbed off on to the stigma.The indirect muscles are usually the largest in the body, and are attached to the thorax and not to the wing-bases.They come down on to the ground and immediately their wings break off close to the thorax.The left arm bones were under the thorax.