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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishticklishtick‧lish /ˈtɪklɪʃ/ adjective  1 HBHsomeone who is ticklish laughs a lot when you tickle them2 [usually before noun] informalCOMPLICATED a ticklish situation or problem is difficult and must be dealt with carefully, especially because you may upset people Handling awkward neighbours can be a ticklish business.3 (also tickly /ˈtɪkli/) [usually before noun] a ticklish cough is in your throat rather than in your chest
Examples from the Corpus
ticklishI didn't know you were so ticklish.Groom these ticklish areas with a stable rubber, tea cloth or your hand and work at it gently.Then we were faced with the ticklish issue of who would pay for the meal.Fortunately for the Conservative Party, David Mellor is now in charge of this ticklish portfolio.The driver then has the ticklish problem of explaining to the missus why he came home by bus.It was becoming a ticklish situation.That remains a bit of a ticklish subject between the rowers and archers.The evolution comes at a ticklish time.a ticklish businessPrivacy is a ticklish business where close neighbours are concerned.