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touchtouch2 ●●● S2 W2 noun  1 touching somebody/something [countable usually singular]TOUCH the action of putting your hand, finger, or another part of your body on something or someone She felt a gentle touch on her shoulder.touch of He remembered the touch of her fingers on his face.2 ability to feel things [uncountable]HBHTOUCH the sense that you use to discover what something feels like, by putting your hand or fingers on it the sense of touchby touch Visually impaired people orient themselves by touch. Bake the cake for 30 minutes until risen and firm to the touch.3 in touch (with somebody)4 be/keep/stay etc in touch (with something)5 be out of touch6 get in touch with something7 detail/addition [countable]DETAIL a small detail that improves or completes somethingput the final/finishing touches to something Emma was putting the finishing touches to the cake. There was a vase of flowers in the room, which was a nice touch. Brass pans added a decorative touch to the plain brick wall.8 way of doing something [countable]WAY/MANNER a particular way of doing something, or the ability to do it in a particular way The room was decorated with a very artistic touch. Our staff combine efficient service with a personal touch (=they do things in a friendly way). The feminine touch was evident throughout the house. His sure touch (=confident way of doing things) and attention to detail are just as evident now. Barbara has a magic touch in the garden (=she grows things very well). King obviously hasn’t lost his touch (=lost his ability) – his latest book sold in the millions.9 a touch of something10 a touch disappointed/faster/impatient etc11 with/at the touch of a button/key12 a soft/easy touch13 way something feels [countable usually singular] the way that something feels and the effect it has on your skin the warm touch of his lips14 soccer/rugby [uncountable] the area outside the lines that mark the playing areainto touch The ball rolled into touch. common touch at common1(13), → a/the human touch at human1(5), → kick something into touch at kick1(11), → lose your touch at lose(1), → magic touch at magic2(5), → Midas touch, → a soft touch at soft(17)
Examples from the Corpus
touchChance, coupled with rebellion and a touch of laziness.He felt a touch on his shoulder and saw it was Mrs. Lyden.Reid has a good touch for shooting the ball.Well, that couldn't last, because I'd found my touch, right?The ice caves add a nice touch to what could have been a typical roller coaster.If the average middle class white schoolchild is out of touch with the literary standard, the minority child is doubly so.Great service and a friendly staff give the hotel a personal touch.Despite the tight squeeze, the office has graced Borrego Springs with a personal touch over the decades.The soft touch of a clean cotton shirt was comforting.The affected areas look like orange-peel and are cold to the touch.A small neat iron bed with a shabby well-washed coverlet had one lumpy pillow and sheets which were hard to the touch.With the touch of a wrong button, she could ruin the whole program.sense of touchNocturnal spiders, on the other hand, depend largely on an extremely delicate sense of touch to find their prey.It is invisible once applied and users retain full sense of touch and natural mobility of hands.My hearing is painfully acute, and my sense of touch and smell quite profound.Millions of years of evolution have equipped us to delicately manipulate our environment through our sense of touch.This is a natural outgrowth of the sense of touch.He realized that the sense of touch is concentrated in the fingertips.On the first day, concentrate only on your sense of touch.Then, at the end of the day, write about five hundred words through your sense of touch.put the final/finishing touches to somethingWe can put the finishing touches to your programme.The band are currently putting the finishing touches to their third album, which should be out early in the summer.They will spend Valentine's Day putting the final touches to their wedding following a whirlwind telephone romance.The more exacting you are in putting the finishing touches to the picture, the better the result will be.With most members of the task force now dismissed, Mr Magaziner is putting the finishing touches to his report.Over three, perhaps four difficult days they must put the finishing touches to a new treaty.Meanwhile, Hilary Murphy, who sets the questions, puts the final touches to Bob's board.Meanwhile paint from Porter will put the finishing touches to an entire village community in the United States.personal touchFamily photos and a clock that tells time backward add a personal touch to the sterile academic atmosphere.But other customers prefer to write the messages themselves, for more of a personal touch.Despite the tight squeeze, the office has graced Borrego Springs with a personal touch over the decades.I think people appreciate that personal touch.To be successful the hotel will provide a friendly atmosphere, good service and the personal touch.Steve, a believer in the personal touch, made their day by laying on their favourite drink, chilled Guinness.Reagan resorted to the personal touch as a matter of instinct and long practice.