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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtricepstri‧ceps /ˈtraɪseps/ noun [countable]  HBHthe large muscle at the back of your upper arm
Examples from the Corpus
tricepsBasically, 40 minutes per workout -- Mondays and Thursdays, chest and triceps.Then she groped at her shoulder to where the oxygen tank was moulded around her triceps.I've done liposuction on her back, her inner thighs, her triceps and a little on her abdomen.It is always advisable to have a training partner to assist when doing lying triceps exercises.Then press upwards until the arms are locked straight out and the triceps are fully contracted.As with the triceps, to develop larger biceps heavy basic exercises such as barbell curls or dumb-bell curls must be performed.When a single measure is used, triceps has been favored for adolescents.