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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishurethrau‧re‧thra /jʊˈriːθrə/ noun [countable]  technicalHB the tube through which waste liquid flows out of the body from the bladder and also through which the semen of males flows
Examples from the Corpus
urethraFirstly they prevent the bacteria that cause urine infections from sticking to the skin cells in the bladder and urethra.Both slides and cultures from the cervix and urethra were negative for gonorrhoea and were duly repeated.With a certain reluctance she agreed to have a further examination, and tests were taken from the cervix and urethra.The weight of carrying a fetus during pregnancy places great strain on the bladder, urethra and muscles in the pelvic region.There may be infection in the many small glands found in and around the urethra.It is a muscular organ, which, when it contracts, forces the urine down the urethra.This includes massaging the prostate gland and massaging the urethra over a metal sound.Urethritis Urethritis simply means inflammation of the urethra.