Topic: HUMAN

Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: Latin vitalis 'of life', from vita 'life'


vi‧tal W2
1 extremely important and necessary for something to succeed or exist [= crucial]COLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
absolutely vital it is vital that it is vital to do something of vital importance (=very important) play a vital role/part (in something) vital part/piece/element/component/ingredient vital information/evidence/clue
The work she does is absolutely vital.
vital to
These measures are vital to national security.
vital for
Regular exercise is vital for your health.
it is vital (that)
It is vital that you keep accurate records.
it is vital to do something
It is vital to keep accurate records.
It is vital to be honest with your children.
The tourist industry is of vital importance to the national economy.
Richardson played a vital role in the team's success.
The samples could give scientists vital information about long-term changes in the earth's atmosphere.
2 full of energy in a way that is exciting and attractive:
Rodgers and Hart's music sounds as fresh and vital as the day it was written.
3 [only before noun]HBH necessary in order to keep you alive:
the body's vital processes
vital organs (=heart, lungs etc)

vital signs

medical the signs that show someone is alive, for example breathing and body temperature
WORD FOCUS: important WORD FOCUS: important
similar words: main, key, chief, principal, leading, vital, crucial, essential, significant

not important: unimportant, trivial, minor, irrelevant, insignificant

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