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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvoice boxˈvoice box noun [countable]  HBHthe part of your throat that you use to produce sounds when you speak syn larynx
Examples from the Corpus
voice boxHe swallowed, knew that all he had for a voice box was a little whistle cut from a willow switch.He can move his head and hands and talk through a voice box fitted over his vocal cords.Still partially paralysed by the brain disease Guillain-Barre syndrome, he can only speak with the aid of an artificial voice box.Christopher Ray began to choke and turn blue after the candy-coated ball lodged in his voice box.They can speak, via a whirring mechanical voice box, and they have mechanical human hands rather than paws.I wanted all those wonderful colors to collide in ways that could blow your voice box right off.