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wrinklewrinkle2 verb  1 HBHMOVE/CHANGE POSITION[intransitive, transitive] (also wrinkle up) if you wrinkle a part of your face, or if it wrinkles, small lines appear on it Alex wrinkled up her nose at the smell. Carter wrinkled his forehead in concentration. His brow wrinkled when he saw us.2 [intransitive]LINE if a piece of clothing wrinkles, it gets small untidy folds in it syn crease The trouble with linen is that it wrinkles so easily.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
wrinkleWith slow wrinkling his stiff face relaxed now and then into a feminine tender smile.My blue jacket wrinkles too easily.Isobel looked up and laughed herself, her nose wrinkling up like a child's.wrinkled ... noseHe sniffed the breeches and wrinkled his nose.She wrinkled her nose against it, then went upstairs and into Jessie's room.He wrinkled his nose as if the smell was still in his nostrils.He wrinkled his nose at the smells, thinking that the cowardly little wretches were trying to keep out of his way.Stephen wrinkled his nose in disapproval.She sniffed them, wrinkled up her nose in disgust.He wrinkled his nose in distaste at the acrid smell of the place.Meredith tried her tea and wrinkled her nose up in distaste.