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acheache2 ●○○ noun [countable]  1 MIa continuous pain that is not sharp or very strong a stomach ache A dull ache throbbed at the back of David’s head.aches and pains (=slight feelings of pain that are not considered to be serious) Apart from the usual aches and pains, she felt all right.see thesaurus at pain2 WANTa strong, mostly unhappy, feeling the ache of his lonelinessachy adjective I’m feeling tired and achy.
Examples from the Corpus
acheYet there remained an ache in her heart which told her she had not achieved what she wanted to.So why was there an ache in her heart?Lisa felt a dull ache spreading up her arm.That took care of his ache for home.A sharp ache filled her chest and she was afraid she was going to cry.She may also complain of sore muscles, stomach aches, and other pains.She is putting up peaches for the winter and fighting that ache to be gone again.You feel the ache coming in your bones.The ache in her head got worse and she began to imagine a pain under her breastbone.The ache in my leg muscles had almost disappeared.His breathing was frightful and the unrelenting ache in his legs grew harsher with every stride.dull acheIt starts as a dull ache that gradually evolves into a severe throbbing pain, centering in the frontal and temporal regions.They felt nothing but a dull ache in their backs.I am feeling much better, though there are many times when I feel a dull ache.Apart from a dull ache in his leg, Larsen has completely recovered from the crash.The pain in her lower back subsided leaving a dull ache.It wasn't really very bad but it was a dull ache that made her realise she would never get to sleep.It seemed that here, there was never any spring, only wind and rain and the dull ache of loss.Sleep away the tiredness and the dull ache inside his head, that was the thing to do.It ached an ugly, dull ache.