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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishailmentail‧ment /ˈeɪlmənt/ ●○○ noun [countable]  MIILLNESS/DISEASEan illness that is not very serious minor ailmentssee thesaurus at illness
Examples from the Corpus
ailmentAbout 200 such teams have been formed for 24 ailments, and Oxford expects to assemble another 500 teams this year.Colds, flu or any ailment that diminishes vocal stamina and luster are potentially disastrous.Patients who often complain of minor ailments might have something more important on their minds.The medicine was supposed to cure all kinds of ailments, ranging from colds to back pains.What is the cost of an ulcer, high blood pressure and other ailments endemic in banking?Happily there were no reports of scurvy, beri beri or other ailments caused by malnutrition!But belief increases the likelihood of a predicted outcome: placebos against psychic ailments work astonishingly well.The studies examined did not seek to determine the relative importance of age and parity to development of maternity related ailments.The most commonly reported ailment among VDU operators is eye-strain.I was, after all, a stranger, and well-bred ex-governesses did not discuss their ailments in public.But it was unclear Wednesday what caused the victims' ailments.minor ailmentsCoughs and colds and minor ailments began to seem poor substitutes for the wounds everybody had been expecting when the bombs fell.Consultations, mostly for minor ailments, are characteristically brief.A series of minor ailments led Grant and Julie to take Maisie to a doctor, and tests revealed leukaemia.Aromatherapy, as it is more usually practised, is about prevention of major illness and the symptomatic treatment of minor ailments.In many states, liberalized workers' compensation programs have permitted unscrupulous employees to parlay minor ailments into early retirements.Males will have found themselves reassessing minor ailments.Ever since I arrived here at Brixton I have been ill with various minor ailments.