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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaseptica‧sep‧tic /eɪˈseptɪk, ə-/ adjective technical  MIa wound that is aseptic is completely clean without any harmful bacteria opp infected
Examples from the Corpus
asepticAfter the clatter of the Linotypes, the tick-tick-tick of computer keyboards sounds eerie and aseptic.When long-life milk is packaged, it is sealed in aseptic boxes that prevent light and air from penetrating.Symptomatic, primary HIV-1 infection is generally characterised by a mononucleosis-like illness, with or without aseptic meningitis.The morality of aseptic rationalism has superseded that of spiritual regeneration.The student has to improvise and adapt the procedure without departing from the principles of aseptic technique.Wound healing should be promoted by adherence to aseptic technique.Employs aseptic techniques in different situations.Ideals are not formed in an aseptic vacuum, but in the chemical brew of interacting personal lives and events.