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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbrain damageˈbrain ˌdamage noun [uncountable]  MIdamage to someone’s brain caused by an accident or illness Potts suffered severe brain damage in the crash.brain-damaged adjective
Examples from the Corpus
brain damageBiko died on the stone floor of his cell the next day of severe head trauma and brain damage.He came into this world pretty beaten up, with what they considered to be soft neurological brain damage.She continued to have fits and suffered serious and permanent brain damage.The researchers also point out that the woodpecker has a natural advantage in resisting brain damage.In 1970 he suffered severe brain damage in a road accident which effectively ended his career.Mrs. Wilson suffered severe brain damage in the accident.Over-consumption causes temporary brain damage, impaired vision and often results in prolonged vomiting.She had perhaps four minutes to brain damage, six to death.suffered ... brain damageDawn's parents never understood at what stage Dawn had suffered the brain damage.If you lose consciousness, even for a second, then you have suffered brain damage and must withdraw from further competition.In 1970 he suffered severe brain damage in a road accident which effectively ended his career.He suffered brain damage caused by a fractured skull and died later in Middlesbrough General hospital.He suffered massive brain damage in the soccer ground tragedy.The inquest into her death today heard she suffered acute brain damage and a fractured skull.Cruzan, 33, had been in an irreversible coma since a 1983 car accident in which she suffered severe brain damage.She suffered serious brain damage and was retired from her job on medical grounds.