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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbruisebruise1 /bruːz/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 MIa purple or brown mark on your skin that you get because you have fallen, been hit etc minor cuts and bruisessee thesaurus at injury2 HBPa mark on a piece of fruit that spoils its appearance
Examples from the Corpus
bruiseJack often comes home from rugby covered in cuts and bruises.She nursed a bone bruise in her ankle most of the season, a painful injury that limited her impact.Her head throbbed in rhythm with her bruises, yet she'd hardly noticed any of it downstairs.I was intoxicated with the information he had provided me, and my bruises were forgotten.Jenny looked as though she'd been crying, and there was a nasty bruise on her cheek.She pinched bruises on her daughter's inner arm, and had poured hot tea on both daughters.I stroke her lifeless cheek, and as I do the deep purple bruises seem to fade a little.I banged into the shelf so hard that I got an ugly purple bruise on my hip.How did you get that bruise on your shoulder?Joachim cleaned my face, wiping dirt from the bruises whilst I greedily gulped the thick red claret.