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bruisebruise2 ●○○ verb  1 MIINJURE[intransitive, transitive] if part of your body bruises, or if you bruise part of your body, it gets hit or hurt and a bruise appears She fell off her bike and bruised her knee.see thesaurus at hurt2 [transitive] to affect someone badly and make them feel less confidentbruise somebody’s pride/ego The incident had bruised his pride.3 HBP[intransitive, transitive] if a piece of fruit bruises, or is bruised, it gets a bruise by being hit, dropped etcbruised adjective a badly bruised knee a bruised ego→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
bruiseHe was standing just inside the doorway, supporting Piper O'Rourke, who was looking old, tired and bruised.Keller badly bruised a hip, and came off early in the second half of the match.Safety Tim McDonald had bruised a left shoulder in the Rams game, which flared up again Sunday.He had pulled her down, so that she fell heavily on the asphalt, bruising and grazing her legs.But her whole body, strained and bruised as if he had beaten her, that was the monument to his reality.Not getting the promotion really bruised his ego.Payton bruised his hip ten minutes into the game.Strong safety Tim McDonald bruised his left shoulder, an injury he brought into the game and exacerbated.He bruised his right shoulder the week before in the win over the Rams.My skin bruises quite easily.Mom fell on the ice and bruised the side of her leg.The models reeling down the catwalks are stick thin, their faces cavernous and bruised, their hair matted.