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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchilblainschil‧blains /ˈtʃɪlbleɪnz/ noun [plural]  MIpainful red areas on your fingers or toes that are caused by cold weather
Examples from the Corpus
chilblainsThis increases the blood flow and works wonders for varicose veins and chilblains.But their biggest drawback was that they caused chilblains.In modern, centrally heated homes, chilblains occur less and less.What kind of private life could be imagined for this dried-up bundle of chilblains and nasal catarrh?There was nothing vulgar about these hands, not like his wife's plebeian paws with their chilblains and chipped red enamel.The rapid change in temperature can lead to chilblains and dry skin.When this happens, you may be prone to chilblains and other circulatory problems.From the front gate he shuffled down the drive, a slow shuffle, because he was afflicted with chilblains.