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coldcold2 ●●● S2 W3 noun  1 [countable]MIILLNESS/DISEASE a common illness that makes it difficult to breathe through your nose and often makes your throat hurt I’ve got a bad cold. Keep your feet dry so you don’t catch a cold. common cold2 [uncountable] (also the cold)COLD a low temperature or cold weather I was shivering with cold. Don’t go out in the cold without your coat!you’ll catch your death of cold British English (=used to warn someone that they may become very ill if they do not keep themselves warm in cold weather)3 come in from the cold4 leave somebody out in the coldCOLLOCATIONSverbshave (got) a coldShe’s staying at home today because she’s got a cold.be getting a cold (=be starting to have a cold)I think I might be getting a cold.catch a cold (=start to have one)I caught a cold and had to miss the match.come down with a cold (also go down with a cold British English) informal (=catch one)A lot of people go down with colds at this time of year.be suffering from a cold formal (=have one)He was suffering from a cold and not his usual energetic self.suffer from colds formal (=have colds)Some people suffer from more colds than others.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + colda bad coldIf you have a bad cold, just stay in bed.a nasty cold (also a heavy cold British English) (=a bad one)He sounded as if he had a heavy cold.a streaming cold British English (=in which a lot of liquid comes from your nose)You shouldn’t go to work if you’ve got a streaming cold.a slight coldIt’s only a slight cold – I’ll be fine tomorrow.a chest cold (=affecting your chest)He’s coughing all the time with a bad chest cold.a head cold (=affecting your nose and head)A bad head cold can sometimes feel like flu.the common cold formalThere are hundreds of viruses that cause the common cold.
Examples from the Corpus
coldGoing on vacation is a lot like getting a cold.The nighttime cold had a new bite.After addressing a public meeting in support of extending the franchise to agricultural workers he had caught a severe cold.Come in out of the cold.The cold pressed into his rib cage.Having a parched nose and throat may lower resistance to colds, croup, sinusitis and respiratory problems.