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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcollapsecol‧lapse1 /kəˈlæps/ ●●○ S3 AWL verb  1 STRUCTUREFALLstructure [intransitive] if a building, wall etc collapses, it falls down suddenly, usually because it is weak or damaged Uncle Ted’s chair collapsed under his weight. The roof had collapsed long ago.see thesaurus at fall2 ILLNESSUNCONSCIOUSillness/injury [intransitive] to suddenly fall down or become unconscious because you are ill or weak He collapsed with a heart attack while he was dancing. Marion’s legs collapsed under her.3 FAILfail [intransitive] if a system, idea, or organization collapses, it suddenly fails or becomes too weak to continue The luxury car market has collapsed. I thought that without me the whole project would collapse.4 prices [intransitive] if prices, levels etc collapse, they suddenly become much lower There were fears that property prices would collapse.5 SITsit/lie [intransitive] to suddenly sit down, especially because you are very tired or want to relax I was so exhausted when I got home, I just collapsed on the sofa. 6 MAKE something SMALLERFOLDfold something smaller [intransitive, transitive] if a piece of furniture or equipment collapses, or if you collapse it, you can fold it so that it becomes smallercollapsible The legs on our card table collapse so we can store it in the closet.7 MEDICALmedical [intransitive]MI if a lung or a blood vessel collapses, it suddenly becomes flat, so that it no longer has any air or blood in it→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
collapseThe building was badly damaged in the explosion, and rescue workers are worried that it may collapse.His courage never faltered, but his health collapsed.The external guarantees that formerly enabled the Vaudois to survive had largely collapsed.We got up and ran about 50 yards, and I collapsed.Come quickly, one of the passengers has collapsed.Minutes later the second tower collapsed.When the suit collapsed Aitken was charged with perjury, for which he served a seven-month jail term.After half a dozen glasses of whisky he collapsed and could not be revived.Part of the floor collapsed as a result of water damage.The U.S. auto industry nearly collapsed due to increased foreign competition.One of the horses collapsed from exhaustion after the race.She finally took a break and collapsed in a chair.A battle between the traders and the corporate financiers caused the firm to collapse in early 1984.Our tent collapsed in the middle of the night.Milligan collapsed into a chair, sighing deeply.Please try not to upset or destroy this finely balanced mechanism or the building blocks will collapse like a row of dominoes.Cohen was hospitalized after he collapsed on the floor and briefly lost consciousness.Former Mayor Ed Koch collapsed this morning at a health club in midtown Manhattan.When folded in this way, the map collapses to pocket size.But his move to Old Trafford collapsed when the club medical revealed a knee problem.The crest of his life collapsed with the Hotsy shooting.