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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconsumptioncon‧sump‧tion /kənˈsʌmpʃən/ ●●○ W3 AWL noun [uncountable]  1 AMOUNT OF something USEDUSE/CONSUMEamount used the amount of energy, oil, electricity etc that is usedconsumeenergy/fuel etc consumption dramatic rises in fuel consumption Vigorous exercise increases oxygen consumption.2 EATDRINKfood/drink a) formal the act of eating or drinkingconsumeconsumption of The consumption of alcohol on the premises is forbidden.fit/unfit for human consumption (=safe or not safe to eat) The meat was declared unfit for human consumption. b) the amount of a substance that people eat, drink, smoke etcalcohol/tobacco/caffeine etc consumption The Government wants to reduce tobacco consumption by 40%.3 BUYINGbuyingPE the act of buying and using productsconsume, consumer art intended for mass consumption (=to be bought, seen etc by lots of people) China’s austerity program has cut domestic consumption (=when products are bought in the country where they were produced).conspicuous consumption (=when people buy expensive products to prove they are rich)4 for general/public/private etc consumption5 ILLNESSMI old-fashioned tuberculosisCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + consumptionhigh/low People should stop using expensive cars with a high petrol consumption.total consumptionTotal consumption of petrol has risen by 20%.domestic consumption (=use of something in the country where it is produced)Domestic consumption of oil has increased.household consumption (=use in the home)The government is encouraging us to reduce our household consumption of water.energy consumptionOver a quarter of our energy consumption is in the home.fuel/electricity/gas consumptionThere are three possible methods of reducing oil consumption.verbsreduce consumptionThe system will be introduced into all stores to reduce energy consumption by up to 10%cut consumption (=reduce it)a plan to cut energy consumption by 40%consumption rises/increases/goes upConsumption of unleaded fuel rose by 17% in 1992.consumption falls/decreases/goes downCoal consumption has fallen dramatically.
Examples from the Corpus
consumptionOthers factors can be, such as obesity, high alcohol consumption and lack of exercise.Dr. Boxhall said I should cut down on my alcohol consumption.In 1980, the per capita consumption in the United States was 18 pounds of cheese of which one-third was cottage cheese.declining consumption of coal, oil and gasMost people are aware of the need to reduce energy consumption.Fuel consumption is predicted to rise.Cyclical variations in consumption, investment and national income following an increase in autonomous investment - explosive case.By January 1941 a Central Statistical Office was turning out regular reports on production figures, inflation, consumption and manpower resources.Several other recent studies have shown that moderate consumption of red wine, in particular, is helpful for preventing heart disease.The plan aims to reward saving and tax consumption.an increase in the consumption of electrical productsThe "Five-a-Day" promotion is meant to increase the consumption of fresh produce.The government is urging people to reduce their water consumption.energy/fuel etc consumptionThe new plan focused on reducing carbon dioxide emissions by cutting energy consumption.This should result in cuts of up to 10 percent in fuel consumption.The aluminium body is 12 percent lighter than if built of steel, which helps keep fuel consumption down.The caretaker is also increasingly monitoring fuel consumption.The overheating causes an increase in overall energy consumption of only 7 %.Countries may tax energy consumption at radically different rates without seeing all their domestic industry disappear offshore.However, I would like to minimise the fuel consumption damage.alcohol/tobacco/caffeine etc consumptionThe relation between alcohol consumption and sickness absence will be reported elsewhere.Not having children or having them late in life doubles the risk, as does heavy alcohol consumption.Others have found fewer differences between heterosexuals and homosexuals in alcohol consumption and abuse.They reported a 60 % higher risk linked to maternal alcohol consumption.Increasingly attention is paid to the four lifestyle areas of smoking, alcohol consumption, exercise and diet.What is the control theory approach to alcohol consumption?During the Depression of the 1930s and the Second World War, alcohol consumption, understandably, fell significantly.Whether caffeine is the root cause of your insomnia or just a contributing factor, your caffeine consumption needs to be addressed.conspicuous consumptionBut one can only take just so much wretched excess and conspicuous consumption.Even so, a significant number of takeover bids were probably no more than a form of corporate conspicuous consumption.Foreign imports such as colour television sets and hi-fi systems cram shop windows, catering to demands for conspicuous consumption.What better forum for conspicuous consumption than the locker-room or the golf club car-park?The emergence of stratified societies culminating in states increased conspicuous consumption of precious substances.Hong Kong was regarded as the world's capital of conspicuous consumption.The creative ones turned their backs on conspicuous consumption and decided in favor of a simpler, personalized lifestyle.Similarly, conspicuous consumption or display is now regarded as an acceptable form of behaviour.They're young and poor and the patriarchal culture they inherit and the conspicuous consumption of their contemporaries sanctions their irresponsibility.