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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcontagioncon‧ta‧gion /kənˈteɪdʒən/ noun  1 MI[uncountable] technical a situation in which a disease is spread by people touching each other There is some danger of contagion.2 MI[countable] technical a disease that can be passed from person to person by touch3 [singular] formalSPREAD a feeling or attitude that spreads quickly between people or places a contagion of fear spread from city to city
Examples from the Corpus
contagionThen there was a spread of relief, an outbreak of joy, a contagion of exuberance.Finally, there is the strong possibility that a contagion effect will operate in this setting.Nor will notions of contagion and susceptibility be on the agenda when we meet them.a serious risk of contagionIn other words, Summerlee, there is a sort of contagion effect.The new administration leaned toward a more extreme view on contagion than patients had experienced in years.If it were quarantined, the contagion would stop.This way the contagion of hysteria is carried forth.