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contractcon‧tract2 /kənˈtrækt/ ●○○ AWL verb  1 [intransitive]NARROW to become smaller or narrower opp expand Metal contracts as it cools. The economy has contracted by 2.5% since last year.2 [transitive] formalMIGET to get an illness syn catch Two-thirds of the adult population there have contracted AIDS.3 BBAGREE[intransitive, transitive] to sign a contract in which you agree formally that you will do something or someone will do something for youcontract (somebody) to do something They are contracted to work 35 hours a week. the company that had been contracted to build the modelscontract (with) somebody for something Doctors control their budgets and contract with hospitals for services.contract a marriage/alliance etc (=agree to marry someone, form a relationship with them etc) Most of the marriages were contracted when the brides were very young.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
contractWhen we work a muscle we cause it to contract and become bigger.In the 1980s, the economy contracted and many small businesses failed.Metal contracts as it becomes cool.When she contracted polio, which paralyzed her left leg, she was told she would never walk again.Dr Chalmers is trying to find out how many people may have contracted the disease in her area.He contracted the disease through an insect bite.The key message is that kids cook quick - which is not to say that they immediately contract the disease.Firstly, this makes it difficult to decide where best to expand or contract the firm's resources.The city of Chicago has contracted to purchase three city transit buses that will be powered by fuel cells.Orwell contracted tuberculosis during the war and eventually died from the disease.The Housing Authority of Louisville quit contracting with one of its resident management corporations because the corporation began to cheat.contract a marriage/alliance etcA failure to conform to the legal requirements in contracting a marriage will render that marriage void.