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coughcough2 ●●● S3 W3 noun [countable]  1 MIa medical condition that makes you cough a lot He's got a bad cough. Symptoms include a sore throat and a nasty cough. cough medicine2 [countable]HBH the action or sound made when you cough Stuart gave an embarrassed cough.COLLOCATIONSverbshave (got) a coughI’ve had a cough for weeks now.get/catch a coughA lot of people get coughs at this time of year.adjectivesa bad coughJason’s at home with a bad cough.a nasty/violent cough (=a very bad cough)a smoker's cough (=one caused by smoking)a dry cough (=one that does not produce any liquid)a loose cough (=one that produces liquid)a chesty cough British English (=one that affects your chest)a hacking cough (=a bad cough with an unpleasant sound)a slight cough (=one that is not very serious)He has a slight cough but I don’t think he’s really ill.a tickly cough (=one that keeps irritating your throat)a persistent cough (=one that is difficult to cure)cough + NOUNcough medicine/cough mixture/cough syrup (=liquid containing medicine for a cough)You should take some cough medicine.a cough drop (also a cough sweet British English) (=a sweet you suck to make a cough less irritating)He was sucking on a cough sweet.
Examples from the Corpus
coughI find honey is the best thing for a cough.The juggernaut started with a cough and splutter, was thrown into gear and began to move off down the narrow road.Four months after the show opened in October 1995, she missed 10 performances because of a sore throat and cough.Disease can be spread by coughs.He was about to kiss her again when he heard a discreet cough.Then a little move, a little cough, made you aware of his presence.Rye whiskey, mixed with rock-sugar syrup, remained a popular cough remedy into the early twentieth century.Ms. Meyers has this hacking smoker's cough.That cough of hers worries me; she's had it for weeks.gave ... coughThe chauffeur gave a discreet cough.At length, he gave a little cough.And there were other things; saliva drooled from her lips and every few seconds she gave a retching cough.They gave him cough syrup and blankets.