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cripplecrip‧ple2 /ˈkrɪpəl/ noun [countable]  1 MIINJURE old-fashioned someone who is unable to walk properly because their legs are damaged or injured, now considered offensivedisabled2 emotional cripple
Examples from the Corpus
crippleHe says it's sad that the thieves are so cowardly that they can't face a cripple.He stood in the darkroom with another trainee, Dale Fitzke, a cripple.She was herself a cripple, constantly in need of the sort of attention her husband had regularly given her in the evenings.But no - for I am not a cripple, I have no debility, and something other than myself is doing this.Which of course reminds me of the blind man and cripple riding happily together across our green countryside on that rickety train.Billy went on weeping as he contemplated the cripples and their boss.But against that was the sudden action of the cripple at the bridge.The cripple choked and pushed the plate away.