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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcystcyst /sɪst/ noun [countable]  MIa lump containing liquid that grows in your body or under your skin, and that sometimes needs to be removedboil
Examples from the Corpus
cystUltrasound, which has been used for decades to distinguish fluid-filled cysts from solid growths.It's good for cysts, rashes, fevers, infections, parasites, skin problems and regrowth of fins.He was also noted to have cysts and skull osteomata.She had just had painful surgery to remove an ovarian cyst that had turned out to be benign.an ovarian cystAcne can affect the face, chest and back and, in severe cases, cause painful cysts.In its life cycle the parasite exists in two forms or stages: cysts and trophozoites.Giardia is acquired by ingesting food containing the cysts or, more commonly, drinking contaminated water.In the cyst stage a strong covering protects the parasite and allows it to survive the acid conditions of the stomach.