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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeliriousde‧lir‧i‧ous /dɪˈlɪriəs/ adjective  1 MItalking continuously in an excited or anxious way, especially because you are ill He suffered an attack of malaria and was delirious.2 EXCITEDextremely excited or happydelirious with He was delirious with joy.deliriously adverb
Examples from the Corpus
deliriousFor two weeks he was in a delirious condition, then began to recover.The drunken sailors won comfortably and the delirious home support cheered Johnstone's every move.It may be a delirious hope, but you force yourself to rest your arms on your chest, crossed and pulsing.And they all jump on me from great heights till corns on my hand seem like the fringe benefits of delirious joy.From that jumping-off point, the plot hits hairpin turns, sudden cliff drops and delirious loops of logic and technology.And the delirious thrill of release as that bottle detonated against the wall had been terrifying in its power.One patient was delirious with a high fever.