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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdoughydough‧y /ˈdəʊi $ ˈdoʊi/ adjective  1 DClooking and feeling like dough2 MIBRIGHTdoughy skin is pale and soft and looks unhealthy
Examples from the Corpus
doughyIf you were to eat one right away, it would be doughy and underdone.They have a pillowy consistency and a soft, slightly doughy center.Blake was a doughy man with a big belly.The thing stayed where it was: a small, grey, pear shape made of some doughy material.Blended with these smells and what was most apparent to Sally was the strong doughy odor of her fingers.The hand was still doughy when Miguel shook it, weak and spineless.The picture of Joe's doughy white body seemed to be imprinted on his mind.