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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdrinkerdrink‧er /ˈdrɪŋkə $ -ər/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 MIDRUNKsomeone who regularly drinks alcohol Dave has always been a bit of a drinker. He was a heavy drinker (=he drank a lot).2 coffee/wine/champagne etc drinker
Examples from the Corpus
drinkerHe had the watery eyes and swollen nose of a drinker.Coffee drinkers, have an excuse at last!To bring the same advantages to earthbound drinkers, Daedalus is inventing a low-pressure pub.He quickly earned the reputation as a hard drinker and hell-raiser.In his youth Tom had been a heavy drinker.But he was not, as Stone contends, a heavy drinker in earlier years.Paul and Jane were both heavy drinkers and spent most of their time in the local bar.Although she's a very messy drinker.He becomes a Pepsi drinker for life.The vault bar seats approximately 55 persons and is more attractive to the younger drinkers because of its atmosphere and prices.heavy drinkerTwo of three women with adenocarcinoma had accumulated more than 45 pack years each and one was also a heavy drinker.Her husband was apparently a heavy drinker, and their marriage was deeply unhappy.Greg's always been a heavy drinker.In his youth Tom had been a heavy drinker.Many damaging consequences can result from being a heavy drinker but alcoholism does not come simply from drinking too much.But he was not, as Stone contends, a heavy drinker in earlier years.Hispanics are more often heavy drinkers than whites or blacks.I should know by now that heavy drinkers are awfully fond of high-flown rationalisations for any brief spell of abstinence.It was crowded with heavy drinkers.