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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdysenterydys‧en‧te‧ry /ˈdɪsəntəri $ -teri/ noun [uncountable]  MIa serious disease of your bowels that makes them bleed and pass much more waste than usual
Examples from the Corpus
dysenteryWhen friends encountered him, they were shocked to discover how wracked by dysentery his body was.This is one of the most dangerous bacteria that causes dysentery.Fear of the rats hurried even those with the fluid stomach of embryonic dysentery or gastroenteritis.She had dysentery for a week.The slight attack of dysentery had tired me and I had slept most of yesterday and again this morning.Locust Abortion Technician was a glorious mire, a glistening palace of ordure, a cataract of dysentery.In Madras recuperating from the effects of dysentery self-induced by dietetic experiments, Gandhi searched for an answer.Many of the children were stricken with dysentery and other digestive-tract ills.