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faintfaint3 noun [singular]  MIUNCONSCIOUSan act of becoming unconsciousin a (dead) faint She fell down in a faint.
Examples from the Corpus
faintIn the eighth round, she faced syncope, which means a faint or swoon.in a (dead) faintWhen the chanting stops they fall back in a faint.David collapsed to the carpet in a faint.He whirled around at Leif's horrified cry and the bump as the maid fell in a dead faint to the floor.She slipped forward out of the chair and hit the floor in a dead faint.As she did so, the colourless lips moved in a faint moan.Mostly black on black, its central diamond is traced in faint gold and barely visible.So he made me pretend I was in a dead faint.