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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfeverishfe‧ver‧ish /ˈfiːvərɪʃ/ adjective  1 MIsuffering from a fever She lay in bed, too feverish to sleep. There was a feverish blush to his cheeks.see thesaurus at hot2 WORRIEDEXCITEDvery excited or worried about something They waited in a state of feverish anxiety for their mother to come home. The show was about to begin and backstage there were signs of feverish activity (=activity that is done very quickly because there is not much time).feverishly adverb Congress is working feverishly to pass the bill.
Examples from the Corpus
feverishI kissed her face, which was moist and feverish.Parents comforted their feverish, aching children.Winter is a necessary counterpart to summer, to concentrate and rest after the months of feverish activity.The pace slowed after two days of feverish activity.The show was about to begin and behind the stage there were scenes of feverish activity.He said he felt feverish and complained of pains in his chest.She felt feverish and was aware she was muttering.Hannah looked weak and feverish and we decided to call the doctor.He felt at once feverish, at once chilled, but he was in motion, moving quite apart from any decision within himself.The land, relentlessly monotone in all but a few summer weeks of feverish flowering, is almost uninhabited.So many sickly and feverish people were wandering about, some of them half-maimed, some burned from explosions.Feverish preparations were being made for the arrival of the President.The burning midday sun roused him from a feverish sleep.feverish activityA lorry similar to theirs was parked by the roadside and on the site there was feverish activity.The next couple of weeks were spent in a whirl of feverish activity.There were no longer seasonal periods of slack and recovery to offset the periods of feverish activity.Winter is a necessary counterpart to summer, to concentrate and rest after the months of feverish activity.He could see the golf-club trolley and the feverish activity round it.And in the midst of all this feverish activity -- the fast-drying acrylics force him to work quickly -- a picture emerges.