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fitfit3 ●●○ noun  1 emotion [countable]EMOTIONAL a time when you feel an emotion very strongly and cannot control your behaviourfit of She killed him in a fit of temper. He quit his job in a fit of drunken depression.2 lose consciousness [countable]MI a short period of time when someone loses consciousness and cannot control their body because their brain is not working properly She used to have fits as a baby. people who suffer from epileptic fits3 laugh/cough [countable]PERIOD OF TIME a short time during which you laugh or cough a lot in a way that you cannot control He had a violent coughing fit.fit of The girls collapsed into a fit of the giggles. We were all in fits of laughter trying to clear up the mess. Carl had us all in fits (=made us laugh a lot) with his stories.4 have/throw a fit5 FIT/BE THE RIGHT SIZEright size [singular] the way in which something fits on your body or fits into a space The dress was a perfect fit. I managed to get everything into the suitcase, but it was a tight fit.6 suitable [singular] formalSAME if there is a fit between two things, they are similar to each other or are suitable for each otherfit between We must be sure that there’s a fit between the needs of the children and the education they receive.7 in/by fits and starts
Examples from the Corpus
fitI began running about a month ago to improve my physical fitness.The magazine contained several articles about healthy eating, fitness, and exercise.I had a coughing fit that lasted nearly an hour.He started to have fits and he suffered permanent damage.But his proposals for electoral reform, now moving ahead in fits and starts, contain no such provision.This means the machine tends to go forward in fits and starts, sometimes quite quickly but at other times embarrassingly slowly.The boy had a history of fits.I wanted him back because I thought he was a perfect fit for David as far as being vocal.fit ofIn a fit of rage he slammed the door in her face.a fit of depressionepileptic fitsAfter Darren was born, he had to stay in hospital an extra ten days because he suffered from epileptic fits.He had not spoken once since arriving at the unit and had suffered numerous epileptic fits.Mr Ballantyne said that he ran out of a drug used to control Mr Stockton's epileptic fits.Doctors at the National Epilepsy centre at the Park hospital in Oxford carry out research into what can trigger epileptic fits.in fits of laughterHe had the entire audience in fits of laughter.They looked really comical, and Frankie and I were in fits of laughter trying to help them.tight fitIt was going to be a tight fit.Life must go on, and eight records makes for a tight fit in a 40-minute programme.After turning the Disc you have a tighter fit, but not necessarily a better one.We arrive in Paris, and make a tight fit into a tiny chambre de bonne in the Fifteenth Arrondissement.He got up as quickly as the tight fit of the table in the breakfast nook would allow.This tighter fit enables caffeine to plug the receptor, thus preventing adenosine from binding.fit betweenThere must be a fit between the children's needs and the education they receive.