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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishflat-footedˌflat-ˈfooted adjective  1 MIhaving flat feet2 informalCLUMSY moving in an awkward way syn clumsy The defence looked flat-footed as Sutton scored easily.3 catch somebody flat-footed
Examples from the Corpus
flat-footedA good way to see the land without getting bow-legged doing it, or flat-footed.The last thing they would expect was the obvious, it was a certain way to catch them flat-footed.My smile stays really charming as I stop forward and kick, flat-footed, against the edge of the door.Leonard was flat-footed and slow during the match.His toes were aching so much that he went upstairs very slowly, walking flat-footed to avoid bending his tingling ankles.