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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfood poisoningˈfood ˌpoisoning noun [uncountable]  MIa stomach illness caused by eating food that contains harmful bacteria, so that you vomit
Examples from the Corpus
food poisoningPoor hygiene and handling are also to blame for food poisoning.In Braintree 234 people suffered from food poisoning last year, with some outbreaks affecting ten or more people.If you're suffering from holiday diarrhoea, you've probably got food poisoning.Use of inadequate machinery may result in food poisoning and subsequent prosecution under the Food Safety Act 1990.A 50g sample of each food item must be kept for 72 hours in case there is an outbreak of food poisoning.But the Consumers' Association wants tougher action on food hygiene, to fully protect consumers from the risk of food poisoning.The nursery has closed down while environmental health officers try to find the source of the food poisoning.The food must be properly cooked to ensure the diners don't go down with food poisoning.