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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgangliongan‧gli‧on /ˈɡæŋɡliən/ noun [countable] technical  1 MIa painful raised area of skin that is full of liquid, often on the back of your wrist2 HBa mass of nerve cells
Examples from the Corpus
ganglionPlus what had now turned out to be a ganglion.Messages from thousands of photoreceptors are funneled into each ganglion cell, except some cancel out the actions of others.Typically, a small triangular frontal ganglion lies above the oesophagus, a short distance in front of the brain.We can now begin to make some sense of the differences between the three classes of ganglion cells.From this function, the number of ganglion cells found in any specified patch of the retina may be evaluated numerically.In plexuses with amyloid deposits, some residual ganglion cells showed degenerative changes.These are projected on to the surface of the ganglion cell density function in the upper part of the figure.Figure 8 illustrates one of these ganglion cells.