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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgastritisgas‧tri‧tis /ɡæˈstraɪtɪs/ noun [uncountable] medical  MIan illness which makes the inside of your stomach become swollen, so that you feel a burning pain
Examples from the Corpus
gastritisThe high pepsinogen C concentrations in patients with duodenal ulcer are probably related to H pylori related chronic active gastritis.Helicobacter pylori is recognised as a significant cause of chronic antral gastritis and important in the aetiology of peptic ulceration.Lysolecithin was the smallest component in the duodenal ulcer and chronic atrophic gastritis groups.Histological examination confirmed a severe chronic atrophic gastritis.The prevalence of active chronic gastritis and subsequent gastric atrophy increases with age.The classification of gastritis was according to the Whitehead system modified to include the newly described entities of lymphocytic and chemical gastritis.A positive correlation was observed between the gastric juice ammonium and severity of gastritis.Eight patients had a past history of recurrent peptic ulcers or gastritis.