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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishglandular feverˌglandular ˈfever noun [uncountable]  British EnglishMI an infectious disease which makes your lymph nodes swell up and makes you feel weak for a long time afterwards
Examples from the Corpus
glandular feverThe 19-year-old Boat Club starlet was struck down by glandular fever last summer, and spent a frustrating time on the sidelines.This virus causes glandular fever and is also associated with a human cancer called Burkitt's lymphoma.He contracted glandular fever and viral meningitis.Occasionally a person will suffer from a long and unpleasant illness like glandular fever, but this is rare.Damon had given Jasper measles, glandular fever, two bouts of flu and two colds since Easter.But she suffered a setback when a bout of glandular fever looked like bringing her season to an abrupt halt.These symptoms looked just like those of glandular fever, and that was what her doctor diagnosed.Or was he stricken with glandular fever?