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grazegraze2 noun [countable]  MICUTa wound caused by rubbing that slightly breaks the surface of your skin Adam walked away from the crash with just a graze on his left shoulder.see thesaurus at injury
Examples from the Corpus
grazeHe was back on Monday, with a graze on one cheek and perky as a parrot.You may need to watch him at first, so that you can clean and dress any grazes or cuts immediately.One of the children, five-year-old Stewart Weir, escaped with a bullet graze to the leg.It was a deep graze, but nothing more.Flux can be mildly irritating so avoid getting it into cuts or grazes.Their cattle would not be allowed to drink from it, or graze by it.There was a raw graze across one cheekbone.The graze along his cheekbone somehow managed to emphasise the tough, assured air he wore so easily.