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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgrowing painsˈgrowing ˌpains noun [plural]  1 PROBLEMproblems and difficulties that happen when an organization or system is new the growing pains of a new republic2 MIpain that children who are growing feel in their arms and legs
Examples from the Corpus
growing painsBut the company is experiencing growing pains as competition heats up.And many corporate mail servers have had growing pains, experiencing holdups and the odd deletion, especially over weekends.Of course, many of these are just signs of normal growing pains - particularly those higher up the list.Any new show goes through a lot of growing pains.Doherty left after behind-the-scenes differences and off-the-set growing pains got out of hand.But success has brought some growing pains along the way.The program had some growing pains.This is similar to the growing pains that we have as children and will soon pass.During adolescence, she thought they were growing pains.