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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhaemorrhoidshae‧mor‧rhoids British English, hemorrhoids American English /ˈhemərɔɪdz/ noun [plural]  MIpainfully swollen blood vessels near a person’s anus syn piles
Examples from the Corpus
haemorrhoidsThe magazine will just have to lurch along snuggled up to me and my ageing haemorrhoids for a few weeks.In a prospective study of 100 cirrhotic patients, Hosking etal found anorectal varices in 44% and haemorrhoids in 63% of patients.Something to do with rabbits and haemorrhoids.Her appendix, womb and a kidney were removed along with in-growing toenails and haemorrhoids.Surprisingly little sympathy too - considering the discomfort haemorrhoids can cause.Assists in maintaining proper bowel function and affords protection against diverticulosis, haemorrhoids and varicose veins.Other patients had external haemorrhoids, though less serious.