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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishincurablein‧cur‧a‧ble /ɪnˈkjʊərəbəl $ -ˈkjʊr-/ adjective  1 MIimpossible to cure opp curableincurable disease/illness/condition She has a rare, incurable disease.2 CHANGE YOUR MINDimpossible to change an incurable optimistincurably adverb incurably romantic
Examples from the Corpus
incurableMy doctor told me that the cancer was incurable.In other words, the habit is by no means incurable.Gonorrhea has mutated into deadly and incurable antibiotic-resistant strains.an incurable diseasePaycheck dependency is sometimes an incurable disease.Jane is an incurable gossip.He was put down early in 1986 at the age of eighteen when an incurable heart condition was diagnosed.The cancer is incurable, however, and Tsongas admitted later that he had concealed its recurrence.Patients with incurable illnesses are brought to the hospice, where they are given the best possible care.Her hair was disorderly, and the color of her skin was bluish black, which is a sign of incurable leprosy.That being the case, Chan is an incurable romantic.On the other hand, aphids can infect raspberries with incurable virus diseases, and blackcurrant reversion is spread by big-bud mites.incurable disease/illness/conditionAlthough temporary at first, tinnitus can become a permanent, incurable condition.And, tragically, A-T is - as yet - an incurable disease.In an extreme example, imagine you have been told you have an incurable disease.Just inhaling the thick stench down here can fill a person with incurable disease.Paycheck dependency is sometimes an incurable disease.We were informed she has a rare, incurable disease.How would you feel, say, if you had an incurable disease, or a terminal illness?Old age is an incurable disease, see. people think they ought to do something for you.