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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinflammationin‧flam‧ma‧tion /ˌɪnfləˈmeɪʃən/ noun [countable, uncountable]  MIswelling and pain in part of your body, which is often red and feels hotinflammation of inflammation of the colon
Examples from the Corpus
inflammationSuch a deposition of urate crystals causes inflammation of the affected area and precipitates an arthritic attack. 206.The disease causes inflammation of the brain.A festering inflammation on his foot kept him from joining the Capuchin order.The scan score correlated with all laboratory tests generally accepted to reflect active gut inflammation except for the erythrocyte sedimentation rate.The one parent who was H pylori negative has histological evidence of mild inflammation.One study found penile inflammation in one in seven uncircumcised children, but most problems resolved after a single medical consultation.Another patient had severe inflammation and numerous granulomata on histological examination of duodenal biopsies indicating Crohn's disease of the duodenum.Doing so allows the inflammation to reoccur and an asthma attack can follow shortly.A viral inflammation of the vestibular nerve is the suspected cause.